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    ToastyNetworks has been an established network in the Modded Minecraft community since early 2013. We offer a wide variety of the latest modpacks and strive to provide our users with quality content and gameplay at all times. Our network is run by experienced administrators and staff, who are not only friendly and helpful, but are committed to providing our users with the best experience possible!

    Donations are needed to keep the server running, as well as to provide for upgrades such as developer costs, hardware upgrades or graphical artists. Your support of ToastyNetworks is much appreciated. Remember, you are helping keep us running smoothly on a day to day basis!

    Disclaimer: By purchasing from our store, you understand that the purchases are final and non-refundable. You also understand that you will not, under any circumstances, attempt to chargeback the payment. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not proceed any further.
    If you have any issue or question, please contact staff in-game by using the /ticket [your concern] command, or via our Discord server.
    Any chargeback will not be accepted and you may end up paying chargeback fees. You will also get permanently banned from our network.